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The medical industry has experienced an amazing amount of change.  Physicians today live in a much more fast paced and demanding environment than every before.  Has your financial professional changed along with you?  In an effort to cater more to physicians, I have changed my practice to be more accommodating based on feedback I have received. The physicians I work with are limited by their time, and I have developed a better model to work with them by creating a more streamlined approach with the following:

  • An app on your phone or iPad aggregating your financial life that allows you to see everything I manage, as well as your banking, student loans, retirement plan through your employer, and any other online financial information—all updated every night from your phone.
  • Faster, 15-minute review calls instead of in person, long drawn out meetings wasting your most valuable asset, your time.
  • Next day responses to emails or questions with answers to any questions that come up.
  • All proposals include both in depth and summary analyses for you to review that include the positives and negatives of each recommendation.
  • Transparent, fee based investment management that allows you to be flexible with your investment choices and know exactly what you are paying for the services I provide.
  • An analysis of your education debt and a plan to address it that is catered to your financial picture.



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