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My business is relationship focused. One of my first mentors always told me that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. That saying has stuck with me to this day and every client's relationship that I have is focused on the relationship and doing everything I can to help them.

I thoroughly enjoy doing what I do. I have the luxury of working in a field that I want to be in. The financial markets fascinate me and I am constantly learning about the tools and techniques that can help me better my clients’ financial futures.

I am also very selective about the clients that I choose to work with. I know that these are long term relationships and that entering into a relationship with the wrong client is not what I am looking for. My clients are actually my bosses and I have the luxury of only choosing bosses who I want to work for and spend time with.

I am independent and my focus is on fee based asset management. Being independent, I am not under the pressure of a quota or any earnings requirements. I am also not swayed by the product offerings of a large firm or insurance carrier. I am allowed to shop the market for what is best for my client. My investment philosophy is to work on a long term, fee-based approach. Most of my clients are charged a small percentage of their account on an annual business and that is how I am paid. My philosophy is to avoid any conflicts of interest that may arise from transactional, commission-based business models.


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