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For Young Professionals

I am very comfortable working with young professionals because I am a young professional. Whether you have come into an unexpected windfall that has created a major change in your financial picture or you need to find a place to get started, I take the time to meet with you to build out a plan and assist you with those tough financial situations that arise. I have a tremendous amount of experience working with clients in their 20s and 30s and 40s. Most advisors focus on working with the Baby Boomer Generation and think of Generations X and Y as a burden. If you plan on investing for the long term, you are best served by someone who you can work with for the long term, not the advisor who your family has used who is preparing for their own retirement. I realize that this segment of the population is severely underserved as many firms have high minimums to get started. Contrary to what the big firms and consultants say, I take an approach that allows these people to come grow with me. My emphasis with young professional clients is on education about various investments and financial planning techniques.



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