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Interview on Personality Types and Income

| December 29, 2015
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Personality Types and Income Study

Click on this link for my Interview on WFMY about personality types and income.

Do Certain Personalities Make More Money?

 by Matt K. Logan CFP®


 Can your personality type dictate your income? Surprisingly, a recent study by Truity Psychometrics may show that you may be able to tell based on your Myers BriggsÒ for.


Average Income By Personality Type


The infographic below shows the 16 different personality types and their yearly income.  You can see the ENTJ and ESTJ personality types have a significantly higher average yearly income than others.  You can also see that the ISP personality types average a much lower annual income.  In fact, this study shows that the higher income earning personality types average more than double the income of the lower earning personality types.  


Personality Types Reporting Highest Average Income


So what do the personality types with the highest average salaries have in common?  Well, you guessed it.  They are more Extroverted, that is the E, they are either Sensing or Intuitive, the S or N, they are Thinkers and they are Judgers, the J.  For those of you who do not remember the Myers BriggsÒ


A Closer Look At The Myers BriggsÒ, here is a chart explaining the different letters and what they mean.  This chart shows the different personality types and what they mean. 


But The Highest Income May Not Be The Happiest


For those of you who think money equals happiness, here is the proof that you may want to reconsider.  The following chart shows average job satisfaction among personality types.  Guess what, they do not match up with the highest earners.  In fact, they are only in the top half.  The personality types with the higher job satisfaction numbers tend to be ESFs or extrovert, Sensing, Feeling types.

So What Are You?


The good news is that you cannot fail a personality test.  I have tried.  In fact, after learning a lot more about this I do these tests among others with my team to make sure that we are all in the proper roles.  If you would like to take your own online Myers BriggsÒ test free online, you can.  I would recommend the free version through the Truity.  You can use this link:


Remember, these are just averages and in no way can your personality type dictate your income, but it may give you some insight to help you along the way.  


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