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We are different

Matt and family celebrating Kirkstock in Greensboro

Our business is relationship focused. We are very selective about the clients that we choose to work with. We know that these are long term relationships and that engaging the wrong client is not what we are looking for. Our clients are actually our bosses and we have the luxury of only choosing the bosses we want to work for and spend time with.

We are not under the pressure of a quota or any earnings requirements. We are also not swayed by the product offerings of a large firm or insurance carrier. We are allowed to shop the market for what is best for our clients. Our investment philosophy is to work on a long term, fee-based approach. Most of our clients are charged a small percentage of their account on an annual business and that is how we are paid. Our philosophy is to avoid any conflicts of interest that may arise from transaction, commission-based business models. 

We love what we do. While we take what we do very seriously, we do not tend to take ourselves very seriously. We have a lot of fun here with our coworkers and we have a lot of fun with our clients.

Our Commitment To You:

Peace of Mind

Our job is to provide you with peace of mind regarding your financial future. Our clients lead busy lives. We want to free them from hours of researching investments and second guessing decisions. We want to allow our clients to spend more time focused on the important things in life, like family.


There is nothing that should be a mystery regarding your investments. There are also positives and negatives with every investment. We want you to understand all fees, expenses, positives and negatives with any approach or plan we take. It is the right way to do things. You will not only know any fees or commissions that you pay, you will know those collected by any investment manager, platform or transaction. We think this is of utmost importance.

Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is something everyone should have picked up in Sunday School as a child. Quite simply, we treat our clients how we would like to be treated.


This is our internal reminder that sometimes it is just best to "Keep It Simple, Stupid."  Industry jargon does nothing to explain financial concepts to clients.  We strive to explain your situation and the tools we choose in the simplest of terms. Your investments should not be a mystery and explaining them in plain English is part of our responsibility.