3rd Quarter 2021 Market Outlook

“It’s now or never, cause I ain’t gonna live forever,” is not just another great Bon Jovi lyric, it may be the best way to characterize the economy as consumers begin to do what they do best: spend a whole lot of money now that they can get out. With



1st Quarter 2021 Market Outlook

“Behind every beautiful thing there is some kind of pain.”-  Bob Dylan Bob Dylan was not referring to 2020 when he was referring to pain

4th Quarter 2020 Market Outlook

Gloria Gaynor was talking about her off and on again flame and the ups and downs and emotions.  Even still, I believe she may have

3rd Quarter 2020 Outlook

Life on our planet has changed.  The changes to our way of life are felt by all of us in a multitude of ways.  Many

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